Thursday, November 1, 2012

Let's Read Plays: Starts!

Finally, November has come and here we are in Let's Read Plays event!

Let's Read Plays is a yearlong event hosted by Fanda and I, where participants will read classic plays throughout the year, from this November to October 2013.

As I have said in this post, plays have a special place in my heart. So really, I'm soo excited!

For more details, please go to the SIGN UP POST and MASTER POST in Fanda's blog.

Meanwhile, here's my list of 12 plays for the event:
  1. Nov '12 Shakespeare's Tragedy: Romeo and Juliet
  2. Dec '12 Shakespeare's Comedy: The Merchant of Venice
  3. Jan '13 freebie: Othello
  4. Feb '13 Shakespeare's History: Richard III
  5. Mar '13 Greek: Oidipus
  6. Apr '13 Shakespeare's Comedy: The Taming of the Shrew
  7. May '13 Shakespeare's Tragedy: King Lear
  8. Jun '13 Oscar Wilde: An Ideal Husband
  9. Jul '13 Other author: Death of a Salesman (Arthur Miller)
  10. Aug '13 Shakespeare's Comedy: The Tempest
  11. Sep '13 freebie: Much Ado About Nothing
  12. Oct '13 Shakespeare's Tragedy: Macbeth

Now, since plays are often short reads, I think I'm going to cram some more titles into the list. Maybe re-reading some plays I've read, but that's optional.

It'll be fun! If you join in before November 15, you'll be eligible to participate in giveaways. Yes, with "s", meaning; there will be more than one giveaway in this event ;)

So, are you up for this challenge?
This way, please...


  1. We can read: The Merchant of Venice, Richard III, The Taming of the Shrew, and An Ideal Husband together, yayyy!

    This event do not have too many participants, but they are all very enthusiast, that's what I love! :)

    1. And most of the participants know plays better than I do :D
      I'll learn so much about plays from this event.