Friday, February 8, 2013

Me & Dickens: A Beginning of Love

May contain spoilers from A Tale of Two Cities

Dear Mr. Dickens,

To be honest I really don't know what to say to you except; why did you do THAT to Sydney Carton?? WHY??!

Pardon me, oh where's my manner shouting at you in the beginning of a fan letter. Excuse me, I think I need to calm myself down a bit.

Okay, I'm alright now. Let's start all over again.

See, I'm a fan from Indonesia. My first ever encounter with your fictional characters was by watching Oliver Twist movie. The 1968 movie I believe. But I didn't watch it in that year, no, it was somewhere in the 80s. As a little girl, I was immediately in love with Oliver. However, I didn't recall myself of recognizing two words that sounded like "Charles Dickens", your name that is. I was completely unaware of you as the creator of that poor handsome little Oliver.

When an old Indonesian movie (still in the 80s or early 90s, don't ask me the title I can't remember it, I've tried, really) told a story of two men - very look alike - in love with the same woman, but when the first man is about to be executed the other takes his place as a sweet tragic sacrifice, as a token of his deep love, I didn't realize that the movie might be a loose adaptation of your A Tale of Two Cities.

Last year was the year when I finally read your book. I started it with A Tale of Two Cities. I struggled with your words, but I must say I love the story. Though I had perfectly guessed of how the story went (thanks to that old Indonesian movie I've told you previously), so I had prepared myself for you know - that moment, I couldn't help crying over Sydney Carton. Seriously, Mr. Dickens, WHY??!

This year, in your 201 anniversary, I'm reading The Old Curiosity Shop. My curiosity is awaken by the title. I have Great Expectation on the way too, expected to arrive very soon.

Currently reading

Well, having only read one of your books, I can't boastfully call myself an avid reader of your works. But I'm determined to eat all of them, Mr. Dickens. It might take me several years - judging from my current speed - but just watch me. I'll read them all, then one day I'll visit your museum. Meanwhile, I'm building my own Dickens museum.

Pardon my drawing, I'm not blessed with such a gift of an artist :p
Still under construction...
As you can see, the "museum" is under construction. Hopefully that little "town house" will be full of your writings. Apparently, Mr. Dickens, our love story is nowhere near finished. In fact, it's only just begun...

PS: I cc this letter to Fanda, I hope you don't mind. She's a big fan of yours, you know, so much that she's hosting this cool event celebrating your anniversary.

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  1. I love the museum! LOL!
    Don't worry, surely Mr. Dickens would appreciate your working hard to get into his works. Btw, why don't you join The Classics Club, considering that you're reading more and more classics now?